Looking for Daycare? Dostal Family Daycare will be your #1 choice! We are a licensed (# 255664) and insured family child care located in Cecil County, Maryland.

Under 3

Infants have a special place in our heart! At such a young age, the world is so amazing, and everything is new. At Dostal Family Daycare, we strive to help your infant learn in a safe, nurturing environment!


So your child has turned the wonderful age of 3 years old? We can definitely help! Every three year old needs not only nurturing parents, but a nurturing daycare as well! We can definitely provide that!

With structured playtime, a preschool curriculum and snack time, your child will grow up in a beautiful environment!

School Age

Perhaps you only need after school daycare! Or perhaps before and after school? We can do that too! Your child will get a healthy snack after school, and a hearty (but healthy!) breakfast if they come before!